Services for Tool Manufacturers

Some of the key services that we can provide include:

  • Customer facing “deep dive” benchmark reports.  We perform
    extensive testing on your product in our shop and publish a report that
    discusses our findings, giving your customers a unique opportunity to
    review in-depth objective third party analysis of your product as it is used
    in an actual shop environment.  We will go way beyond the typical
    magazine review that skims the surface of multiple products, and we will
    ensure that customers can gain a deep understanding of your product
    by reading our report.

  • Product documentation.  We will help revise your product manual so
    that it becomes a competitive advantage, rather than a liability.  An
    effective manual will increase your customers’ satisfaction, reduce
    support calls, and help ensure that customers get the most out of your

  • Competitive analysis.  Ever wonder how your product really stacks up
    against your competitors in an objective test?  We will develop a test
    suite specific to your product, and put it through a battery of tests
    designed to find its strengths and weaknesses relative to a competing
    product.  These results can be shared externally, or used internally for
    R&D purposes.

  • Training.  Armed with the expertise gained through in-depth testing of
    your product, we can provide customized training for your sales team or
    your resellers, enabling them to effectively position your products in the

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